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Louis was born on April 29th in Medford, Massachusetts to parents Peter & Tina. His love for music all started at the very early age of 4 while watching The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. From there on, the love for all music began from Motown to Heavy Metal!


At the age of ten, his family moved to Revere, Massachusetts. Already playing the drums and singing, he recruited his new neighbor Gene D'Itria. Gene wanted to play the drums too but Louis said, “No, you’re going to play guitar.” Heck, he needed a guitarist, right? So Gene took the confirmation money he had just received and bought himself an electric guitar; and so it began..


Louis and Gene have now been performing and writing songs for over 40 years. At the age of 15, Louis left the drums and decided to become the frontman for his band called AXIS / AXES in 1978. By 1981, the band added drummer Joey "Vee" Vadala and changed the name to MASS.


Now having recorded over eight studio albums, and releasing singles and Christmas EP's on major labels such as  A&M Records, RCA Records, Enigma Records, and Escape Music the band has officially sold over half a million records worldwide! Louis has also lent his voice to tracks to the band "Liberty & Justice" and has also appeared as a special guest singer on the band Boston’s 2013 release, “Life, Love & Hope", singing on the opening track "Heaven and Earth".


In 2012, Louis won the "Best Male Vocalist Of The Year" award presented by Limelight Magazine. Now having performed over a thousand shows all across America and having the opportunity to work with legendary producers such as Tom Allom (Judas Preist) Tony Platt (Led Zeppelin) and John Rollo (Joe Cocker) to name a few has been a lifelong dream come true.

Since the early '80s,  MASS has continued performing and releasing new music all along with there latest acclaimed release “When 2 Worlds Collide".  


Currently, Louis and the boys will begin the writing process in the fall of 2020 and plan on releasing a brand new album in 2021!

Gene 1.jpg

Gene was born on July 28th in Brookline, MA. to parents Carmine and Maria. His interest in music started when he first saw the Monkees on TV at his childhood home in East Boston. His mother bought him his first guitar which was plastic with nylon strings. He would stand in front of the TV pretending to be in the Monkees. Later on, he discovered the Beatles, and it was then that he wanted to be a musician.

At the age of 8, he and his family moved to Revere, Massachusetts. It was there that later on his new neighbor Louis who moved in across the street. Gene and Louis would spend their time playing all sports but mostly their love for street hockey. As a few years went by Louis was playing his drums more often and gene would go down his basement and watch him play. It was then that Louis told Gene, “you should buy a guitar and we should start a band.” Gene told Louis he wanted to play drums and Louis said convincing “no, you are going to be a guitar player.” Gene wasn’t so sure picking up the guitar until he heard Jimi Hendrix. So to confirm it was Jimi Hendrix that made Gene know that he wanted to be a guitar player.

Gene asked his parents if he could borrow some money from his confirmation to buy a guitar. From there on gene and Louis began practicing and writing songs in their early teen years. Gene and Louis had a 3 piece band in high school with Louis handling most of the vocals. Gene told Louis one day “you should sell your drums and become a lead singer.” By 1981 the band added drummer Joey Vee Vadala which started the band MASS. In 1992 bassist Michael Palumbo was added to the lineup. Since 1982 the band has recorded over 8 studio albums on A&M, RCA, Enigma, and Escape Music records. The band has also released Christmas EP's as a gift to their fans for the holiday. Keyboardist Jeremy Heussi was added to the band. Gene calls him his “ Jon lord.” The band's last album, "When 2 Worlds Collide" was released in 2018.

MASS is now writing and working on a new album for the near future. The MASS Machine keeps rollin’........ as Gene always loves to say.....🤘

joe 1.jpg


Born November 25 to Parents Guy and Frances Vadala in Revere Massachusetts. My Mom and dad never played an instrument although they loved music. My Dad being first cousin’s with Legendary Jazz Keyboardist Chic Corea, music was always a topic in our home.


My Mom and dad asked if I wanted to take drums lessons at 12 years old. The next 3 years were spent taking private drum lessons. My dad took me to meet the drum instructor for the Saint Anthony’s CYO marching band, the program involved nightly practice and drill that was very demanding. The snare drum drills and nightly practices were what shaped my drums skills to where I am today.


Through High School I played with different local musicians, until I answered an ad for a working rock band in the Boston Phoenix Newspaper. I auditioned for the band and immediately became a member of the band USA. I spent the next three years playing almost nightly all over the country.


My drumming influences were many, I loved the older style of rock drumming with a lot of snare drum and a mix of Jazz and Rock power. I took a liking to the drummer of the band Angel, Barry Brandt. He had incredible rudimental drumming skills with great power and also looked good doing it.

Image was always important to me! Other influences were Carl Palmer, Bill Ward,  Keith Moon, Ian Paice, Don Brewer, Cozy Powell, Vinny Appice, Neil Peart and of course the one and only John Bonham!


In the winter of 1981, Gene D’Itria, who was also a local musician came to my home and asked if I would be interested in playing with his band AXES. I remembered seeing the band and I thought they were great players, Louis had an exceptional voice. I accepted his offer and went to rehearse with them and we all immediately felt it was something special!


In 1982 we landed our first major record deal with A&M Records. It was during that recording that the record label thought we needed to change our name. With a couple of name changes we all agreed to the name MASS! Signing several major record deals, and recording 8 studio albums, I am proud to say I’ve worked with some of the best Rock Music producers in some of the most prestigious recording studios in the country.


30 plus years together as a band, through some of the most difficult and most challenging times we managed to remain together still creating music and being the best of friends.


I look forward to creating and recording the 9Th studio album for MASS.


And the beat goes on…

Joey Vee

michael 1.jpg

Boston-based musician Michael Palumbo has a fantastic way of getting straight to the core of his writing ability. With a passion for rock music running through his veins from an early age, Michael's passion for dynamic melodies represents a genuinely insightful artist whose earth-shattering bass lines have the influence to produce powerful songs.


Influenced by classic rock legends such as; Led Zeppelin, Queen, and Van Halen, Michael has always branched out of his comfort zone to incorporate today's sounds with his legendary roots.


At the early age of 8, Michael began his musical journey playing Piano and Trumpet, eventually finding his passion with the Bass guitar. Michael’s very first live performance was at the age of 14, playing bass guitar for his childhood friends band Glass, opening for “The Dream."

“Michael” - I had no business being on stage at that age, especially playing in front of an established band like “The Dream," I remember watching Bassist Paul Mangone and wanting to play like him, it was a tremendous experience, one that sealed the deal as far as knowing what I wanted to do musically.

A local booking agent liked Glass and started booking them all over New England and the NY/NJ area. By the time I was 19, we had already played with some of the most prominent nationals such as Poison, Brittany Fox, Accept, Ratt, Kix, King's X, and local favorites Extreme and Mass.


In 1989 Glass had a lot of interest in the band and showcased for three major labels.
“Michael” - I remember meeting with a record executive from Warner Brothers who showed interest in signing us to an artist deal with a small advance." The deal fell through, and Glass broke up shortly after. In 1992 I received a call from a friend saying that local legends Mass are looking for a Bass player. Knowing the guys and rehearsing across the hall in the same practice facility made the audition easy, and the rest is history.


Michael has been a reliable member in Mass for the past 28 Years, taking off one year to finish some other musical projects. Michael has been a staple in the New England music scene playing in one of the longest-running cover bands Last Laugh and has performed with countless local cover acts.


Michael is extremely excited to follow up “When 2 World Collide” this winter with another massive album from Mass. Mass believers feel that W2WC is the best work Mass has produced in its long history. When asked, Michael believes the next album is always the best.

Jeremy 1.jpg


Jeremy Heussi was born on June 28th 1969. His Father an engineer and Mother a pianist.  The early years were quiet years for Jeremy who was born deaf but was able to hear the sound of his mother's piano playing... by resting his head on the sound board and body of the piano.  With surgery and encouragement from his siblings...the love for music was abundant. Jazz, rock and roll and classical filled every room of this busy house.  At age 12 the desire to perform and embrace rock music was heavily influenced by the bands "Boston", "Pink Floyd", "Jethro Tull", "Deep Purple" and "Meat Loaf".  1986 Jeremy joined a band called "Prowler" which later became "Fortune". Fortune found it's way respectively into the Boston music scene and toured extensively while becoming a revolving door for notable musicians from "Boston", "Joe Perry Project", "Steve Vai" and "RTZ". Fortune released two albums on EMI's "Alpha-Brunette" label and numerous compilations world wide. 


Bassist Lou Spagnola (Fortune Bassist) while working with MASS, referred Jeremy Heussi to perform session work for the band. This will introduce the styling of Jeremy Heussi on MASS "Crack of Dawn". From then on...Heussi became a member of the MASS performing line-up.  During the years of Crack of Dawn, Sea of Black and When 2 Worlds Collide, Jeremy leant his keyboard skills to session with Producer Kenny Lewis, Michael Sweet (Stryper), Angelo Anastasio (Toto's Bobby Kimball), AKJ and  Scotty Dunbar for Warrant's "Down Boys Records".  Jeremy is also featured with the talented artists from Foreigner, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Pink Floyd, J.Giles Band, Kansas, King Crimson (to name a few!) in Emmy nominated; Robert McClung, writing and production of TELERGY "Black Swallow".


Performing and working with "MASS" has been a full circle journey for me. Starting with collecting "MASS" tapes in the 80's with friends at the mall to eventually opening for "MASS" in several concerts in Boston while keyboarding for FORTUNE. It will be nearly 20 years before I began performing with Mass. It has been (still is) an exciting and rewarding experience. From "Rocklahoma" to M3 Festival to stints with Stryper, Tesla, Skid Row, Cinderella, Jackyl, Winger and Ratt. It is literally like living in a dream! Ultimately, it is the freedom to bring texture and experimentation into the studio with Mass that is the most rewarding time for me.   Gene, Louis, Mike and Joey are genuine cultivator's of pure Heavy Metal Rock for me.  They inspire me to reach deep into my influences and draw out the best in me to lay it down on the record.   I am looking forward to the next studio project, ready for more experimentation and ready to make music magic happen!

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